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"Working with CoachDirectors

has improved my personal

effectiveness immeasurably."

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"You can see the value of

CoachDirectors right there on

the bottom line."

Business Coaches

"The workshop series put

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Ops Team within a week."

Executives and businesses work with CoachDirectors for three reasons:

1 Taking Executive Performance To The Next Level & Beyond

We work with business leaders and ‘high potentials’ who are open to challenge to help them build momentum in the fulfilment of their personal and professional aspirations.

Executive Coaching

2 Delivering Business Momentum On An Enterprise Scale

We work ‘company-wide’ with progressive organisations of all shapes and sizes and we challenge them to build momentum in realising the full potential of their business.

Company Coaching

3 Mastering Coaching Skills & Inspiring Top Team Performance

From motivational speakers through seminars and workshops to structured team events, we help leaders, managers and coaches to master business coaching and inspire world-class team performance.

Mastery & Inspiration