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Elite Executive Coaching

"Actually we were already

successful - CoachDirectors

helped make us even more so."

Elite Executive Coaching

"My coach became the one

person I could rely upon to

really challenge me."

Elite Executive Coaching

"My coaching sessions were

a huge help during a very

stressful transitional period."

Be Coached

by world-class coaches with a passion to help you fulfil your personal and professional aspirations.

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to coach by Europe’s most highly accredited coach training organisation.

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in workshops and events that take your team performance to a whole new level.

Welcome to executive coaching

Executive Coaching

Expert interventions for tangible business improvement

CoachDirectors is the leading agency for elite executive coaching talent in the UK. We offer expert interventions to businesses around the world for the most demanding of leadership development assignments.

Our ‘hand-picked’ coaches are ready willing and able to offer solutions to your business challenges right now. Not only are they eminently qualified in advanced executive coaching, they are also mature, commercially-astute business people who have held senior leadership positions in organisations just like yours and they know exactly what it takes to achieve the results and improvements you desire.

This is no ‘airy-fairy – touchy-feely’ service. This is world-class, practical, hands-on executive coaching by a team of highly experienced business executives with a passion for performance and a keen eye for your bottom line. Find out how you and your business can energise your top talent with passion and enthusiasm to achieve outstanding results today!

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Learn To Coach

Build coaching into your corporate culture and gain competitive advantage

CoachDirectors offers a range of training programmes designed to boost business success through the development of key people. We help organisations to build coaching into their corporate culture and optimise the ensuing benefits of enhanced performance, productivity and profitability.
Training programmes are fully accredited internationally and focus on employee engagement, talent management and leadership development.
Executive coaching is one of the most powerful change management tools available in organisations today. Find out how you and your business can develop your own core team of in-house coaches to take advantage of the outstanding, positive transformations that can be achieved.

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CoachDirectors Training

Inspire your team

Inspirational Events

Motivate, strengthen and align your executive team for greater success

CoachDirectors organise, deliver, speak at and attend a wide variety of workshops, seminars and events. Whether it’s a speaking engagement at a conference, a team development workshop, a motivational awayday, a Board facilitation exercise, or just an interlude in a long meeting, our experts deliver inspirational, thought-provoking and challenging content with the power to energise, stimulate and transform.
Naturally, we work closely with you to ensure all material is tailored to your specific audience and objectives and we design each bespoke event to be as interactive, actionable and impactful as possible. Find out how our experts can help you motivate, strengthen and align your executive teams with inspirational workshops, seminars and events now.

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