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The CD Guide to Coaching and Mentoring

For the umpteenth time I had yet another one of those frustrating circular conversations with a ‘fellow executive coach’ at the recent EMCC International Mentoring & Coaching Conference in Edinburgh.  It went a little like this…FELLOW COACH: “What do CoachDirectors do?”ME: “We are a cadre of elite executive coaching talent who specialise in providing coaches […]

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Happy Talking Groupthink?

There’s a particular danger lurking in many an organisation and its name is Groupthink.Groupthink, or ‘happy talk’ as it is known in some circles, is a phenomenon where teams develop an unhealthily positive outlook. The desire for harmony or conformity in the group becomes so overpowering it undermines an organisation’s ability to make rational, healthy […]

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Are SME’s Overly Regulated?

With the EU referendum looming, the European business community is taking the opportunity to have a really good scratch of its chin.Think tanks, boffins, IFAs and of course politicians across the continent are all deep in the midst of prophesying equal parts prosperity and doom, depending on which side of the financial fence they are […]

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Get The Clarity Habit

We talk a lot about the clarity habit in my business. We also go into some detail about it with our clients too, but why do we think ‘clarity’ is so important?Simply put clarity is essential to everything we do, where we’re going and most importantly how we get there. Having clarity throughout the organisation […]

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Resistance is futile

Resistance is Futile.I really don’t want to write this article. Or, more to the point, a little voice inside my head doesn’t want me to write it. A voice that seems to have the idea that its force is all powerful and unbridgeable and that by whispering in my ear all the things I could […]

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