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Practitioner Diploma in Executive Coaching

A 7-day programme leading to an accredited professional qualification as a practitioner in executive coaching

This 7-day diploma in executive coaching programme is ideal for developing people as fully qualified practitioners of executive coaching. Tailored to organisations wishing to build their own in-house coaching capability, the course is usually delivered in three 2 -day stages over a 3-4 month period culminating in a final assessment at a live action coaching day.

The course is suitable for leaders, experienced managers and HR professionals who are ready to unlock their personal coaching potential and successful completion provides the necessary skills and qualifications to become a practising coach.

A Diploma in Executive Coaching enables you to

Build a strong professional client relationship based upon trust, respect and rapport

Draw upon psychologically grounded coaching skills to promote client development, encourage breakthrough and deepen understanding

Align coaching to the business and organisational context

Manage effective closure to exceed client, coach and sponsor expectations.

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