The CoachDirectors Approach

Less really IS more!

We are unashamedly SELECTIVE

The classic ad slogan “It’s the fish John West reject that makes John West the best” seems an appropriate metaphor for the CoachDirectors approach to selecting coaches. There are certainly a lot of ‘fish’ in the sea and the quest to find the very best can be a long, arduous and sometimes fruitless task. The simple truth is – stellar performers in the corporate world are seldom attracted to switch careers mid-stream to become a coach. In fact, so many coaches have so little in common with our C-suite target audience we often feel like we are fishing in vain for mythical creatures. Our solution is simplicity itself – we would rather remain a small, highly selective group of top quality coaches than compromise on the needs of our clients. We therefore remain resolutely and unashamedly selective. We will never claim to have the most coaches – just the best! What’s more, by recruiting, training, supporting and developing a healthy stock of up-and-coming ‘associate partners’, we are able to ‘farm our own fish’ – so to speak – and shape our own coaching talent to exactly suit the sensitive and demanding coaching tasks we undertake.

We believe in TEAM

CoachDirectors coach individuals to lead teams and coach teams to perform for their leaders. We do so from the perspective of an elite coaching agency operating as one big team. Individually, we are all at the top of our game – or at least some considerable way along the path towards it – but we share our coaching journey together as a team. We work well together, we support each other and, as partners, we are fully invested in achieving the very optimum collective team outcomes for our clients because we are individual stakeholders in the business. So many independent executive coaches operate in isolation, each with their own specialities, approaches, idiosyncrasies and varying levels of competence. Some specialist companies offer corporate clients access to a register of executive coaches but they are often merely managing and organising a list from the very same finite pool of disparate freelancers. By shunning this way of working and by developing our own team of elite, highly-committed, stakeholder coaches we aim to deliver outstanding results with greater consistency, better quality and more cost-effectively than anyone else in the market.

Our PASSION is infectious

Qualifications and accreditation for executive coaching are pretty straightforward. You either have them or you don’t. Corporate experience at C-suite level is slightly less objective but nevertheless relatively easy to assess, verify and compare. However, the qualities we admire most in an executive coach are perhaps the most subjective of all – Attitude and Passion. Of course, a track record of performance is important too but we have come to expect that as standard and we always know it can be worked on, fine-tuned and improved over time. In our opinion, raw talent, passion and a capacity and willingness to learn are much more precious, less trainable attributes and therefore fundamentally underpin our whole ethos. Naturally, we are all extremely good at what we do. We are highly-qualified coaches, fully accredited and deeply experienced at the most senior levels. We also have an infectious passion for coaching, a positive ‘can-do’ attitude, bags of personality and a hunger to constantly learn, improve and pass on our knowledge in whatever we do. Our clients tell us they immediately notice the difference and we are delighted to say that it’s not by chance, it’s by design.

Our RESULTS speak for themselves

It’s all about people. In order to transform the performance of a business you must begin with its people. Everything we do at CoachDirectors is focused on delivering measurable and sustainable changes in the effectiveness of leaders and teams. Our people, our pride and our reputation all depend upon the consistency with which we can bring about these changes, achieving the practical results our clients rightly demand. We know that people are also key to truly making the right choice of coach, understanding what they are really like and what they can realistically achieve, irrespective of what some might claim. We therefore make it a priority to continuously gather feedback, meticulously monitor progress and benchmark performance in each and every coaching assignment so that we can share empirical evidence with clients. It’s all part of helping our clients spend less time ‘kissing frogs’ when choosing the right coach. Our understanding of coaches and the executive coaching landscape is second to none and the results we achieve for an expanding list of international blue-chip brands really do speak for themselves.



We aim to consistently deliver value and exceptional service.  We are always proactive, responsive and relevant in our approach to colleagues and clients. Our mission is to raise the bar and shape a better future together.


We strive to enhance the personal effectiveness and quality of life of business leaders and their teams.  We challenge both clients and colleagues to be the best they can be.  We are both provocative and supportive in pursuit of these goals and we leverage our collective experience, insight and learning to deliver superior results.


We are authentic, transparent and fair. Personal and professional integrity are of paramount importance to us.  We choose simplicity over complexity in all our dealings.


We do business with passion and a positive attitude.  We value and support our colleagues and our clients.  We work hard to attract, develop and retain the best talent and we foster a collaborative, accessible and mutually supportive environment where enduring relationships matter.