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A Buyer’s Guide to Coaching and Mentoring

For the umpteenth time I had yet another one of those frustrating circular conversations with a ‘fellow executive coach’ at the recent EMCC International Coaching and Mentoring Conference in Edinburgh.  It went a little like this…FELLOW COACH: “What does CoachDirectors do?”ME: “We provide executive coaches with commercial acumen to businesses.  All our coaches have had […]

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Have you defined your strategic direction?

The majority of business owners manage their strategic planning process by making annual sales and revenue forecasts towards their financial year end, for one to five years.  Is this you?  Have you also identified how well the functional areas in your business interact and whether they are appropriately proportioned to the whole?  If you have […]

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Google’s Quest To Build The Perfect Team

We can all dream about building our dream team but most of us settle for something more realistic.  Others become obsessed with building the perfect team.Google are data masters. The firm above nearly all others values the quantifiable. Over the decades Google has dug, mined, gleaned and collated data on nearly every aspect of their existence. […]

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Disruptive Technology

Don’t you just love the idea of disruptive technology?  There seems to be an endless flow of ‘breakthrough’ technologies hitting the headlines almost every week where every advance is hailed as ‘the next big thing’ set to change our lives beyond recognition.  The fact that some innovations truly do have the potential to change the world […]

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Social Media Can Be Anything But…

“Some people spend too long staring at screens and not enough time engaging with life.” – Paul McGeeSocial Media is addictive, there’s no question of that.  It provides that instant hit of gratification, the quick fire dopamine kick we get from watching numbers get bigger.  It’s not a new phenomenon, in so far as anything […]

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