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Happy Talking Groupthink?

Talking Groupthink  There’s a particular danger lurking in many an organisation and its name is Groupthink. Groupthink, or ‘happy talk’ as it is known in some circles, is a phenomenon where teams develop an unhealthily positive outlook. The desire for harmony or conformity in the group becomes so overpowering it undermines an organisation’s ability to make rational, […]

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Words don’t come easily

Sorry  Is all that you can’t say  Years gone by and still  Words don’t come easily  Like sorry like sorry  – Tracy Chapman   Today you’re going to change your world and it won’t cost you anything nor will it involve much effort. We’re going to put executive coaching, training, teaching and mentoring to one side just for today, even though what […]

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Introverted Leaders

So, do introverted leaders make better bosses? Well according to Blackadder, or more accurately Stephen Fry’s Duke Of Wellington from Blackadder, it’s all down to shouting, and sadly it would seem that in essence the business world agrees. According to the Harvard business journal the majority of CEOs possess extrovert traits. However, recent studies suggest the […]

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Support Yourself

I recently read about an entrepreneur worth £100M who was fundamentally miserable because he spent his life comparing himself with people who were worth more. Recently there was an article in the Sunday Times that basically said many women spend their lives comparing themselves with other women they deem to be more attractive than them. While it […]

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