Benchmarking the UK’s top executive coaches

Reliable Selection

Not all coaches are great coaches. In fact, in the UK market there is an over-supply of very worthy, well meaning but, in our opinion, ‘incomplete’ coaches who don’t even come close to meeting our stringent selection criteria. Outstanding coaches are seriously hard to find. And finding the very best coach to match your own particular personal and professional circumstances is something we take very seriously indeed.

Our unique ‘talent agency’ approach, coupled with meticulous selection, matching and assessment, using our innovative ‘CoachGrade®‘ scoring system, reliably ensures that each CoachDirectors coach is of guaranteed quality and perfectly meets your needs.

Continuous Assessment

We believe the quality and calibre of the coach is critical to the success of any intervention. Unfortunately, accreditation alone does not provide a guarantee of quality and many organisations have had poor experiences at the hands of accredited coaches who lack senior-level business experience or have insufficient understanding of psychological tools and techniques. That is why we have devised our own grading system to reliably and consistently benchmark executive coaches against well-defined selection criteria. Diligent grading and continuous assessment allows us to accurately and consistently benchmark each coach against their peers in the context of their performance, their ongoing supervision and their personal development plan.

Grade your coach

Coach assessments normally take quite some time to complete and involve several meetings, as well as painstaking verification and a process of continuous monitoring and reassessment after every assignment. Our aim throughout is to accurately benchmark coaches against the following five competencies:

Executive Credibility – a mature, commercially-astute executive who has held senior business leadership roles

Psychological Training – formally qualified in the philosophy of coaching, adult learning and change theories

Coaching Expertise – appropriate experience, a successful track record and clear evidence of effectiveness

Professional Commitment – accreditation in executive coaching coupled with ‘inner work’ & ongoing supervision

Technical Competence – a distinctive model supported by a broad range of tools & psychological instruments

We are currently developing a quick test to help score individual coaches against our selection criteria and provide a benchmark against our grading system. This quick test is still in ‘Beta’ but should give at least an indication of how any executive coach might compare against a CD coach.

We cannot guarantee the accuracy of results (our own internal procedures depend upon face-to-face contact, human interpretation and consistent application by qualified personnel) but we do hope you find this particular tool useful, interesting and informative.

Register with us to try our new [Beta] CoachGrade® Self-Assessment Tools now.

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