Lead, don't follow

Bite-sized concepts, observations and philosophical musings for progressive business leadership

We had great results and grew as an organisation with the insights we acquired.

Top ways your business can benefit from Company Coaching:

CoachDirectors’ Company Coaching Methodology is proven across all areas of business

Large-scale business-wide intervention, OR focused on team & departmental engagement

Enhanced effectiveness from providing support for individuals and groups

Enterprise cultural shift cascaded in one-on-ones, group coaching and seminars

Integrated performance improvement from forward strategy to customer service

Our Approach

We are pragmatic, consultative and results-oriented with an emphasis on delivering outstanding quality in everything we do.

Company coaching programmes focus on the success of the company and explore how individuals and teams can best support that success. Our elite company coaches draw upon an extensive range of personal experiences, tools and business methodologies to help progressive organisations realise their vision for the business. We measure our success by agreeing benchmark expectations and then co-creating a plan to exceed them.

Coaching where the value goes straight to the bottom line

Whereas executive coaching supports the momentum and performance of individuals, company coaching focuses on optimising the operating model of an entire business to build momentum and drive sustainable value to the whole organisation. Working directly on the means by which each company executes its strategy and business model, specialist company coaches partner with senior leadership teams to define, measure and develop the key processes, resources, abilities and behaviours necessary to deliver outstanding success.    Read more... 

Delivering Business Momentum On An Enterprise Scale

We work ‘company-wide’ with progressive organisations of all shapes and sizes and we challenge them to 'step-up' to the task of realising the full potential of their business.

Our Work

This is how we spend our working hours each week…

52 %
Executive Coaching

One-on-One development of key, mission critical leaders in our client organisations.

27 %
Company Coaching

Challenging progressive businesses to reach optimum levels of collaborative performance.

21 %
Inspiring & Training

Conducting world class skills training workshops, moderating and facilitating meetings, seminars and events.

100 %
Delivering Success

The highest possible client satisfaction levels delivering mutually agreed results.

This is what our collective coaching experience amounts to…

42 Coaches
575 C-Suite Years
446 Coaching Years
90058 Coaching Hours

Taking Executive Performance To The Next Level & Beyond

For progressive business leaders and ‘high potentials’ who want to improve their personal performance: We work 'one-to-one' with individuals and challenge them to 'step-up' and fulfil both their professional and personal aspirations.

Mastering Leadership Skills & Inspiring Top Team Performance

For smart business people who want to master new skills: From motivational speakers through seminars and workshops to structured team events, we help them to finesse their leadership skills and inspire world-class team performance.