Company coaching helped us uncover our blind spots as a team.

Top ways your business can benefit from company coaching:

CoachDirectors’ Company Coaching Methodology is proven across all areas of business

Large-scale business-wide intervention, OR focused on team & departmental engagement

Enhanced effectiveness from providing support for individuals and groups

Enterprise cultural shift cascaded in one-on-ones, group coaching and seminars

Integrated performance improvement from forward strategy to customer service

Our Approach

We are pragmatic, consultative and results-oriented with an emphasis on delivering outstanding quality in everything we do.

Company coaching programmes focus on the success of the company and explore how individuals and teams can best support that success. Our elite company coaches draw upon an extensive range of personal experiences, tools and business methodologies to help progressive organisations realise their vision for the business. We measure our success by agreeing benchmark expectations and then co-creating a plan to exceed them.

Coaching where the value goes straight to the bottom line

Whereas executive coaching supports the momentum and performance of individuals, company coaching focuses on optimising the operating model of an entire business to build momentum and drive sustainable value to the whole organisation. Working directly on the means by which each company executes its strategy and business model, specialist company coaches partner with senior leadership teams to define, measure and develop the key processes, resources, abilities and behaviours necessary to deliver outstanding success.  

Delivering Business Momentum On An Enterprise Scale

We work ‘company-wide’ with progressive organisations of all shapes and sizes and we challenge them to 'step-up' to the task of realising the full potential of their business.

Our Work

This is how we spend our working hours each week…

52 %
Executive Coaching

One-on-One development of key, mission critical leaders in our client organisations.

27 %
Company Coaching

Challenging progressive businesses to reach optimum levels of collaborative performance.

21 %
Inspiring & Training

Conducting world class skills training workshops, moderating and facilitating meetings, seminars and events.

100 %
Delivering Success

The highest possible client satisfaction levels delivering mutually agreed results.

This is what our collective coaching experience amounts to…

42 Coaches
575 C-Suite Years
446 Coaching Years
90058 Coaching Hours

The FACTS about our company coaching services


No business leader is perfect. We all have weaknesses, regardless of our many talents and successes.

Fortunately, most ambitious business leaders tend to share a natural desire for self-improvement along with a keen attention to their own effectiveness. The very best leaders amongst us are brutally honest with themselves, seeing reality for what it is and then taking action to address those weaknesses. But how can they begin to deal with the weaknesses and threats they just can't see? What about their blind spots?

A blind spot can be defined as 'any area in the lives of people in which they continually do not see themselves or their situation realistically'. Blind spots can affect anyone and everyone and a significant risk occurs to the whole business when leaders and teams fail to address them.

Even in the healthiest of business environments, individual or collective weaknesses and threats can slip through the management net. Force of habit, culture, over-confidence in one's own capabilities, and the lack of quality feedback from overly deferential subordinates, are just some of the factors that get in the way.

So how can business leaders see past their blind spots to ensure that they are not misled about their performance and, more importantly, fail to provide the kind of objective, supportive and collaborative leadership that their people deserve?

The answer invariably points towards high quality coaching. To skillfully identify and manage our own vulnerabilities often requires an external, objective stimulus to challenge our perceptions and encourage healthy, open dialogue. That's where company coaching comes in.

As one of the UK's leading specialist providers of coaching to businesses, our mission is to challenge the status quo, to 'raise the bar' and to help shape a better future for all business people everywhere - to the benefit of the world around us.


A premium service designed to support you, the busy business leader, your team (or your whole company), in your efforts to step up organisational performance.

To us, a ‘company’ is an organisation of people. We have tried and tested interventions which we use to challenge you and your team to step up and realise your potential. We take the lead from you and your teams’ technical expertise and know-how and we build in to your team an equal level of commercial management expertise and know-how which enables the business to grow. By growing your teams’ business skills, your company continues to receive value from us long after our intervention with you is complete.

Business benefits include: 

  • Your business performance; improvement of the bottom line financial result
  • Increased capital value - more saleable
  • Increasing your level of control and confidently driving the changes in your business that you want to see
  • Skill enhancement; strategy, delegation, persuasion, conflict management, communication etc.
  • Significantly improved management team

Leadership benefits include: 

  • Driving improvement in your leadership effectiveness
  • Making sure your leadership style and behaviour does not hold you back
  • Enabling you to stay on track and sustain a high level of performance
  • Assisting you to improve your professional relationships and ensure you are gaining the most from them

Personal benefits include: 

  • Awareness of blind spots
  • Increasing your job satisfaction
  • Personal insight; to the harsh truth no one else will tell you
  • Providing more certainty as you step outside your comfort zone
  • True work/life balance

All CD coaches have demonstrated considerable success in a commercial role BEFORE training as a coach. We focus on assessing, selecting and developing the UK's most effective business coaches, balancing commercial acumen with world-class coaching credentials.


This service is aimed at:

  • Mainly progressive owner managers and business leaders in SMEs
  • Some enlightened HR professionals and business leaders in large corporations
  • The occasional founder/entrepreneur in new startups


Our coaches are based around the UK and we can cover most areas from Lands End to John O'Groats. There is a heavy bias towards London and the South-East due to the higher concentration of demand. We tend to focus on UK assignments but international coaching can be undertaken by a combination of video conferencing and, where economically viable, by commuting from our London, UK base.


Mon-Fri 09.00hrs - 17.30hrs, 52 weeks of the year, subject to availability.  Contact us now to schedule an brief exploratory chat to see if there is a good fit between us.


Engaging us to deliver a company coaching assignment would typically include the following process:

  • A meeting to establish the business case and goals for coaching  
  • A 'Company & Management 360 Discovery' to assess the effectiveness of your current mix of business and management abilities
  • Setting up and managing the coaching assignment
  • Review meetings with the selected coaches before, during and after each phase of the assignment
  • Optional advice, support, provision, implementation &/or review of individual psychometric tools &/or 360 feedback
  • Advice and support to review and evaluate effectiveness
  • The assignment - typically run for a minimum period of 6 months

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