Only dead fish go with the flow

Executive Coach - Only dead fish go with the flow  

Having spent the last 14 years as an Executive Coach working in some of the biggest brands in the world, it is exciting to be the co-founder of an innovative new service for corporate clients and elite executive coaches.

In the last few years I have become increasingly aware of the challenges facing the suppliers of executive coaches – intermediaries such as coach brokers, consultancies and training organisations that also offer coaching. The necessarily random allocation of assignments generally means that associate coaches end up having an arms-length relationship with the supplier and this impacts the level of loyalty and retention of the best coaches, which in turn impacts the buying organisation.

Independent coaches can also face a potential ethical clash of interests when they are both the person who negotiates the fee and a coach to the coachee, who is also the buyer. During my first session with the CEO of a European organisation I responded to his points and agenda by commenting that team coaching and some psychometrics may be useful to consider. These were totally appropriate to the discussion however his feedback was that he was disappointed I was up-selling in the first session!

As the old saying goes, it’s been very clear to me that ‘there has to be a better way’ of running an executive coaching business, one that meets both the client’s and coaches’ needs.

Serendipity intervened when I ran into Alan Potts, a successful entrepreneur who I had known for 30 years and who had an interest in coaching.

Over a few glasses of wine we recognised that by combining his background and my 24 years 1:1 experience we could create something new in the market. Inspired by a desire to find that better way, we decided we needed to think differently, get creative and start swimming against the flow. The result – an executive coaching ‘talent agency’ – dedicated to attracting and retaining the very best coaching talent by offering true partnerships and a stake in the business, committed to also developing coaches who aspire to be partners and, most importantly, focussed on providing a ‘one-stop shop’ for organisations seeking the best executive coaching talent in the UK and beyond. CoachDirectors was born.

Our feet haven’t hit the ground since drinking that serendipitous glass of wine and, through this blog, we are looking forward to sharing our journey as we develop an exciting and inspirational service for both coaches and clients.

About the Author

STEPHEN is one of the UK's executive coaching 'Super-Elite' and he leads CD's specialist 'Private Client' service for artists, celebrities and high-profile individuals.

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