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CoachDirectors was founded in 2013 by Alan Potts and Stephen Daltrey. Sharing a firm belief in the growing importance of top quality coaching as a business performance differentiator, they were concerned that the market was becoming increasingly fragmented and confused.  The number of coaching niches and the supply of newly qualified coaches were expanding rapidly but there was a serious lack of credible, suitably qualified, commercially-focused senior coaches who could operate effectively at C-Suite level.  What’s more, they noticed that many of the most suitable, most senior and most successful coaches were operating in isolation as independent ‘hired guns’ so opportunities to transfer skills, share learnings, support peers and develop the new talent of tomorrow were being sadly missed.


Hence, Alan and Stephen set about creating CoachDirectors – a unique new network of ‘premier division’ executive coaching talent with a shared passion for not only getting the very best performance out of clients, but who also care passionately about professionally developing each other as well as nurturing future coaching generations.

Now comprising 42 of the UK’s finest ‘commercially-focused’ executive coaches, led by a team of 6 senior partner coaches, CoachDirectors has also recently launched a new ‘Company Coaching‘ service as well as a brand new training division and a 'Private Client' service for celebrities & high profile individuals.

STEPHEN DALTREY is one of the most experienced coaches in the UK and an expert in the delivery of executive coaching having achieved the magical '10,000 hours' of experience in international coaching and coaching-related practice. He has dedicated the last 28 years to building his 1:1 experience and work with teams, while also investing his own personal development. He leads our 'Private Client' practice, providing a specialist coaching service to celebrities and high-profile individuals in diverse fields such as business, music, entertainment and sports. If you choose to work with Stephen, you will embark on a positive relationship of respect, challenge, support and the ultimate identification of your unique and natural solution to goals that have meaning for you.

ALAN POTTS is our CEO. His background includes a spell in Nuclear Design Engineering, over 25 years as a business leader in the travel industry and a constant, intimate relationship with all things ‘digital’ dating back to the very birth of the web. He has successfully initiated and grown several businesses, developing pioneering eCommerce solutions, innovative promotional campaigns and disruptive business models along the way. He has held numerous executive and non-executive roles and acted as a coach/mentor to a diverse portfolio of businessmen and entrepreneurs. His passion for elite executive coaching is equally matched by an energy and enthusiasm for building successful businesses with intelligence and real entrepreneurial flair. He has an AoEC Practitioner Diploma in Executive Coaching, he is Marketing Director of the UK European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC UK) and a Network Director and Moderator for the Executive’s Global Network UK.

MARK BAXTER is principal of our company coaching practice. He develops and delivers framework-based tools and programs to effect transfer of business and personal skills for clients. As a coach and coach team leader, Mark helps Boards, CEOs and their management teams to achieve clarity in designing their business vision and strategy for the future as well as working with management and staff at all levels in a business. He is expert at helping clients to translate this know-how into effective management and personal skills to create, sustainable revenues and profits with enhanced long-term growth in shareholder value. He also specialises in coaching organisations to enhance their leadership skills focussed on the ability to engage with strategic change and manage towards the future. Mark spent 15 years building a number of successful and fast-growing consultancy businesses advising on corporate communications, financial marketing and investor relations and latterly e-commerce strategies for blue-chip clients. He is an experienced company director, has a degree in Philosophy and Literature from The University of Warwick, is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

MARK RIMINTON leads our company coach training division.  He is a highly experienced business & leadership coach with multi-sector/ consultancy & client-side experience and an international perspective. He provides coaching, training & consultancy to businesses and has specific expertise in leadership team building, business strategy development, effective communications, productive business relationships and 360 assessment to appraise and improve performance. He has extensive experience in coaching mid-tier and owner-managed companies in a wide range of sectors that include: ICT, advertising, publishing, food distribution, packaging & property. Previously, he was marketing director for Blue Sky Forum, a business that matches investors to early-phase technology companies. Mark’s interests include being a councillor, a school chairman & trustee, a bass player and a choral tenor.