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A degree of privacy was once a perk of the post, but over the last few decades the spotlight has grown ever brighter and nowadays it’s hard for the Social CEO to step out of it at all. Things however are only set to get worse as the ascent of social media reaches its zenith.

So far they (anyone) can see how much you earn, where you live, what kind of car you drive and a whole load of other personal information and the situation is about to get a whole lot more invasive as recent estimates suggest that over 75% of executives expect to see their CEOs on Facebook.

You don’t need anyone to tell you how stressful your job is. You might like to talk about it to someone, but that’s a different thing. However, if and when this new fad of social sharing becomes essential to your own role, it might be wise to schedule in a little bit of specialist coaching. It only takes a mis-click here or a mis-click there to share that champagne laden poolside shot from NYE 2005, just as the latest round of cuts are announced, and that’s stress that can be avoided.

To put it bluntly, if social media does get a foot hold on the agenda you will no longer just be in the spotlight, you might well be the star of the show… and if you’re not careful, when the panto turns sour and the audience roars ‘it’s behind you!’… they could well be talking about your career.

Now if we’re brutally honest you didn’t rise through the ranks because you had a great grasp of the latest gadgets or software and social media is no different, but in today’s world news travels faster than ever. Everything from what you like, to where you went (and with whom) can be cut, pasted, copied and collated just like any other data. And it’s not just what you know, or who you know any more it’s also about who and what you don’t know. If you aren’t following Danny Sullivan on Twitter and haven’t shared the latest tech news from Mashable, then the internet is going to know.

Accountability just got a lot closer too! It’s one thing to have an inbox of angry emails, but if the world wants to rant, then it might soon be able to do it up close and on your personal page. Social media is a great way to show the universe how well the company’s doing, but it’s even better at letting everyone know when things are going wrong. Sure, there are privacy settings but Mr Zuckerman and his gang are famous for amending their terms and conditions on a minute by minute basis. So, what might be private today could be front page news tomorrow… and that’s if they don’t sell it first.

Of course a healthy social media presence and a full linked in dance card can also be a positive for today’s CEO. It’s all about getting the balance right. So before you start sharing, have a chat with someone in the know. Despite the fact we can’t know everything, someone in your position can’t afford to let that on.

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ALAN is CEO of CD as well as a qualified executive coach and a seasoned business mentor. He challenges progressive business people to step-up & realise their vision.

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