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Introverted Leaders

So, do introverted leaders make better bosses? Well according to Blackadder, or more accurately Stephen Fry’s Duke Of Wellington from Blackadder, it’s all down to shouting, and sadly it would seem that in essence the business world agrees. According to the Harvard business journal the majority of CEOs possess extrovert traits. However, recent studies suggest the […]

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Stepping Up To CEO?

Stepping Up to CEO  Success in business is much like mountaineering. Climbing the higher peaks takes the right conditions, the right attitude, drive and of course skill. However, if one ascends to the vertical limit the metaphor becomes only too real. When you reach the top you may well find the summit cold, frightening and very lonely… […]

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Unsung Benefit of Executive Coaching

Most people are generally aware of the benefit of executive coaching. These might include an individual tapping into their resources and finding answers for new and creative ways to move forward, building confidence and resilience, developing talent and leadership capability, enhanced self awareness and emotional intelligence to name but a few. In my experience there is […]

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