There’s Always One…

There's always one

There's always one  

No job would be complete without that guy or girl. You know, the one who just sets your blood on the boil and makes your day seem all that much longer. There’s always one!

Recent research from Friedrich Schiller University in Germany suggests that exposure to negative emotions over a period of time can result in the brain triggering a massive stress response. So if you’re working with someone who is pushing all your buttons, it’s time to take action.

How do you deal with the office nightmare? Well research indicates that successful people can be very good at tackling the more challenging types in the office. Naturally coaching can go a long way, but the sake of a good night’s sleep (which is step four incidentally) here are just five tips to keep you sane when your gears are in a grind.

  1. There are limits. It’s one thing to be rude, but quite another to be a punch bag. Listening to people endlessly complain will drag you down to their level (which is often their plan). So draw a line in the sand and draw it deep.

  2. Choose your moment. You can’t reason with an unreasonable person, so take care to avoid confrontations which can’t be won. Walk away and gather your strength, and choose to confront the issues on your own terms.

  3. Be the better person. If your nemesis is out to ruin your day, refuse to let them. Stay positive, smile and nod and just keep on going.

  4. Get some sleep. Being mentally prepared for another day of negativity will take a lot of energy almost as much as it takes to cause one. Make sure you’re the one with the staying power.

  5. Turn it around. When you’re rested, feeling positive and you’ve chosen your ground. Get ready to tackle the solution rather than the problems. Ask your colleague how they intend to fix their complaints rather than let them draw you into them.

There’s nothing worse than dreading getting up in the morning knowing that you have to face another day of confrontations and a wall of negativity, but you will find that there are coping mechanisms out there which will help you make your way back to the light.

What are your top tips for dealing with toxic people?

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ALAN is CEO of CD as well as a qualified executive coach and a seasoned business mentor. He challenges progressive business people to step-up & realise their vision.

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