Time to move on?

How do you know, when it’s time to go?

So it’s Monday morning and it’s the middle of winter. It’s still dark out side and your duvet has never been so seducing. Everything about today screams stay at home and all you can think about is that book you keep promising you’ll write, that holiday you keep telling yourself you’re due and that new career you deserve. Is that really how you feel?

Just how do you separate the fad from the feeling?

This time of year more than any other, we all experience a little more flight and a little less fight in our lives. January and February are traditionally the times we choose to get up and get out. Whether this is simply a spike after the Christmas slow down, or the result of a million New Year’s Resolutions is a moot point, the start of the year is open season for recruiters.

The question you need to be asking yourself is, is it time to move on?

Life has changed and moving on is the new staying put, our world is faster and smaller than ever and people are less inclined to keep the same jobs for long periods of time. Statistics show that New Millennials, as we have been dubbed, are likely to switch career once every three years, so if you’re dying to scratch the seven year itch, you are most definitely in the minority.

There will always be signs you’re ready for a new career, reading this article for example is likely to be a big clue, but the most telling indicator will be the little inner voice that keeps popping up every time you think about the office.

So as the Clash are apt to ask… Should you stay or should you go?

If only things were as simple as Mick Jones put it… “If I go there will be trouble, If I stay it will be double…” A bit of a no-brainer there really. Still even that simple equation warranted its own song.

So is there a formula for staying put?

The obvious answer is no, but the truth is, if you’re already thinking about going, then you have probably made up your mind and delaying the inevitable is only going to string things out. Still, before you make a final decision there is no better time to re-evaluate your position in the company and come up with some criteria for sticking around. Would more money do it, or more time at home? Sometimes it’s just a matter of getting the proper credit. Whatever you decide to do, speak to the appropriate peeps first. You never know there could be a massive shift heading your way, maybe something which might change everything.

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