World-Class Company Coach Training

Company coach training equips competent coaches with the additional tools and skills required to add measurable value to any organisation

Is this the future of coaching?

Already a competent coach?  Interested in becoming a company coach?  We can offer you the specialist training you need to develop and hone the commercial skills you require to deliver world-class company coaching. 

We are delighted to extend an invitation for you to join us in this new, expanding and exciting market. Company coach training provides a unique opportunity to develop your skills, be part of the next stage in the evolution of coaching and expand your practice into new premium markets.  

Acutely aware of the many challenges faced by executive coaches today, we have designed this course to help suitably qualified coaches like you to break the cycle of 'feast or famine' often associated with executive coaching.  The aim of the course is to add the equivalent of a 'mini-MBA' to your existing coaching toolkit and thereby reposition you as a 'company coach'.  

Once qualified, your services will appeal to a much broader, more lucrative market where your earning capacity will be significantly enhanced, your involvement with clients will be more strategic and longer-term, your work will be highly differentiated from the general coaching crowd and your future will be an altogether more comfortable, attractive and secure place to be.

Welcome to executive coaching
Welcome to executive coaching

Do any of these challenges apply to you?

  • Differentiating yourself and your services in a crowded market
  • Downward pressure on your rates and pricing
  • Not enough of your time spent on fee earning work
  • Finding enough time to source and close new business
  • Low control and predictability on your forward workload
  • Experiencing a 'feast or famine' existence
CoachDirectors Training

Do these benefits appeal to you?

  • Clients committed to long term strategic work
  • Operating in a fast growing market
  • High contract values proportionate to value delivered
  • Sustainable and more predicable income
  • Reduced prospecting and selling time leading to higher productivity and income
  • Higher and more sustainable daily rates
  • Working within a successful and professional channel to new business

CoachDirectors is leading the way by introducing company coach training to the market.  Company coaching combines many years of executive coaching experience with a deep understanding of business and business coaching - all captured within our unique 'Drive Tool Set'.  Our customers are already finding the Drive proposition of “Measureable Business Benefits” very attractive and we now seek to attract and train more experienced coaches to help meet this increasing demand.

What is company coaching?

  • Whole company participation starting at the top; Board, team/department and key individuals
  • Solving measureable business issues using a coaching approach along with coaching-led tools
  • Tangible benefits are felt across the whole business and not just the individuals
  • The needs of the whole business are prioritised and balanced against the needs of the individual
  • New skills are transferred to the client making improvements more sustainable
Welcome to executive coaching

How does company coaching work?

Company coaching provides a service which challenges the leadership of progressive organisations to 'step-up' and realise their vision for their own business.  Whether this is to achieve growth in revenue, enhance effectiveness and profitability or work towards a planned sale or exit, our integrated suite of coaching tools are designed to transfer the necessary skill sets into a business.  Company coaching supports the development of the skills needed to realise business goals, as executive coaching does for the fulfilment of individual career goals and aspirations for personal development.

We use business models, or "Frames" as we call them, to stimulate coaching conversations in the business.  Whilst elements of this approach may resemble traditional management consultancy the similarity is only skin deep.  Our approach is predicated on the belief that individuals in the business are the true experts in the specifics of the business and that only they are best qualified to make the decisions about how to achieve the desired outcomes.  It is our role in the relationship to act as a catalyst to help build the depth of commercial, business and management skills to create a sustainable base for growth.

Accordingly, we "ask" rather than "tell", we "coach" rather than "consult", and we run our coaching agenda to align with the choices and vision for the company.

Yes, we can introduce business processes that have proved their value in commercial application to other clients' businesses; we can train a company how to use them; and we can offer support in the creation of collateral to deliver value into a business; but at the heart of our work is a coaching approach designed to help teams of people to work more effectively, to solve and resolve problems more speedily and to take much of the stress away in growing a business. 

Company Coaching

Who buys company coaching?

We already have a wide range of companies using our executive coaching services ranging from small businesses to large corporates.  Our existing company coaching clients fall into two primary areas:

  • Owner-managed businesses & SME's turning over £2m - £50m
  • Subsidiaries, divisions or departments of large corporates

We have identified a market with over 563,000 SMEs to target and our marketing machine is already gaining traction with company coaching.  Our own 'Business Cycle' tools help us to identify suitable companies and to design the key messages for our campaigns.

What kind of coaches does it suit?

Company coach training suits coaches with business experience who want to:

  • Build a distinctive, business-orientated practice in a new expanding market
  • Learn new business coaching abilities and skills
  • Work with us as we continue to develop company coaching

What will I gain from getting involved?

  • You will gain new and relevant skills to help expand your practice
  • Be better able to differentiate yourself in a crowded coaching market
  • Obtain access to (and support for) a new proven tool set designed for coaching businesses
  • Opportunity to gain new clients and expand into new areas with existing clients
  • Charge more for your services because they add more value at a strategic level for your client
  • Generate additional income through referrals to CoachDirectors
  • Access to a wide and professional network of company coaches
  • The opportunity to become part of the CoachDirectors company coaching team through accreditation and selection
  • Spend more time earning fees rather than selling

Why join the 2019 cohort?

CoachDirectors launched company coach training in late 2015 and we ran our first Foundation course in 2016.  This proved to be a great success as a number of the participants started using the tool set with clients for the first time.  Out of the participants of this first foundation course:

  • Four are now earning fees with CoachDirectors
  • Two have joined the CoachDirectors management team
  • One recovered his investment in the Foundation Course in his first month of company coaching!

We are now selecting coaches to be part of the 2018 company coach training cohort.  There are limited places and if you want to be considered please sign up for one of our 'Taster Days'.

What is the company coaching journey?

There are two key steps in the process of becoming a company coach.  The first is completing the 'Company Coaching Foundation Course'.

Having successfully completed this course you will become an accredited company coach (with complete access to the 'Drive Tool Set') and become part of the CoachDirectors company coach network.  You will be able to use these tools with your own clients and potentially gain income through referrals too. Subject to mutual suitability, you may also be invited to join CoachDirectors as an associate.

The second (optional) stage of the journey is to be invited to participate in the 'Advanced' company coaching course.  This will provide you with 'Advanced Accreditation' and the opportunity to work alongside the CoachDirectors team on its company coaching projects.

Is it for you? - Try a 'Taster Event'?

Not sure it will suit you?  Then, why not join us at one of our regular Taster Seminar Events?  This is a half-day session where we introduce you to the tools and you get to try them out yourself with a group of experienced coaches.  You will also meet members of the CoachDirectors management team.  It's free so you can get a good feel of what to expect from the Foundation Course before deciding whether or not to proceed.