Executive Coaching for Business Leadership

Because top business leaders deserve world-class business coaching and executive coaching

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Coaching Today’s Leadership

For C-Suite executives whose performance is critical to the success of the organisation

CoachDirectors specialise in the provision of world-class executive coaches to assist in the personal development and effectiveness of the most senior business leaders and C-suite executives.  Only the most authoritative, exemplary and ‘deeply hands-on experienced’ of coaches – operating at the very top of their game – are truly capable of supporting, challenging and teasing more out of those already at the pinnacle of their career.  With this in mind we have made it our business to identify, support and manage Europe’s top executive coaching talent in order to satisfy the most demanding, high-profile assignments with skill, effectiveness and sensitivity.

Coaching Future Leadership

For key business leader development or during periods of adjustment to change

Whether you need large-scale business-wide interventions during periods of intense change, or a highly targeted programme to prepare an individual employee for their next leadership role, CoachDirectors provides expert executive coaching solutions to suit all business-critical situations. Our approach is pragmatic, consultative and results oriented with an emphasis on delivering outstanding quality in everything we do. We never approach any assignment with a set process or an off-the-shelf template. Each intervention is bespoke and our coaches draw upon an extensive range of personal experiences, psychological tools and coaching methodologies to ensure the desired outcomes are achieved.

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Improving Team Performance

For teams that need to operate at optimum levels of effectiveness

Coaching individuals to achieve positive change is powerful.  Coaching teams to achieve outstanding collective performance is challenging but also extraordinarily effective and transformational.  Our coaches love to work with teams because the results can be so dramatic.  A great team will produce more than the sum of its parts, it’s an altogether better place to be for everyone involved and the resulting boost in productivity can be exponential.  Our specialist ‘team coaches’ are adept at delivering the necessary changes in skills, behaviours and thinking that produce an exceptional performance boost as a group.  Teams emerge with improved decision making, more commitment, enhanced communication, better trust, more empowered, more fulfilled and more successful.

Improving Business Performance

For an integrated, commercial approach to delivering sustainable business growth

Developing a coaching culture within a business will increase individual, team and organisational performance.  Integrating the vision and strategy of the business – through shared understanding and a common purpose – can help drive implementation, further amplify commercial performance and create real competitive advantage.  Our specialist ‘Company Coaching’ team are all experienced coaches with the additional business skills necessary to deliver powerful commercial insight and help focus your whole business on the key drivers that improve equity value.  No matter how big the organisation, owner-managed, SME or large corporate enterprise, the outcome is a more dynamic, energised environment with improved focus on the critical factors that take you to the next level of success.

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