First 90 Days Programme

Investing in a new starter's personal development from the outset sends out an incredibly powerful positive message 

Protect your investment & create value faster

Recruiting senior people is an exciting opportunity for both the business and the employee.  But a wide range of studies show that the first 90 days are a crucial make-or-break period in the employee/employer relationship.

Getting the onboarding process right is therefore vital to ensuring your new hire successfully transitions from being a strong candidate into a trusted member of the team.  And this will ultimately protect the investment you have already made in the recruitment process.

Our comprehensive programme is designed to take new hires through their first 90 days in your business and beyond.

Your First 90 Days Programme helps candidates with...

Vision and alignment –
What’s the vision for the role? Where will the real value be achieved? We focus on working styles, frequency of check-ins, goals and deliverables, and how to achieve early wins.

History -
Helping new hires make the mental break away from their old role and process any baggage from how they were treated or exited. We’ll also cover previous work relationships and preferred working styles and determine what they should bring to the role and what they should leave behind.

Skills gap -
A new role is often an opportunity to take a step up on the career ladder, which means there could be a gap between current skills and experience, and those required for the role. We can identify any potential gaps and assess what needs to be done to close or mitigate them. We can also outline the next steps for career progression within your organisation and what shifts in personal identity might need to take place to achieve this.

Cultural adaption, language and behaviours -
What aspects of culture should the new hire adopt - or not, if intentionally changing culture. Our program helps new hires to think about being purposeful and thoughtful with behaviour, to identify what gets recognition and how to influence and get support for initiatives. We also mentor on how to conduct meetings.
Start Date First 90 Days

Relationships and stakeholders – 
This will include establishing informal networks for information, getting accepted, and creating productive working relationships. We’ll also explore key people to connect with early on and the impact of taking over from a predecessor. We also deliver on that most crucial of business aspects – working through conflict, office politics and difficult relationships.

Understanding the business - 
We can help new hires get up to speed with your systems, products, identity, brand values, locations, competitors, tools, and resources.

Leadership - 
What are they inheriting and what cycles will they enter? We help employees to understand how to build, motivate and deploy the team. A candidate may be technically or functionally strong but may be stepping up a level for this role in a leadership context; we can equip them with the necessary skillset to fulfil this leadership aspect. 

New employee in first 90 days

Why take onboarding seriously?

A signature is not a done deal.  Almost 30% of new employees leave within the first 90 days, according to the Jobvite 2018 Survey.  In a new environment and without trusted relationships in place, a new employee can feel isolated and unable to share and explore the new dynamics and concerns that accompany a change in working environment.

Our purposeful 3-way meetings with your new hire, their sponsor and the coach take place at the start, midway and again at the close of our First 90 Day Programme. This ensures that feedback is continually being incorporated and processed throughout this critical transition period.

It can take 6-12 months for a new hire to contribute their full value to your organisation. We aim to speed up this process by up to 40%, accelerating your return on investment and securing a faster, smoother transition.

How it works

6 sessions of 1.5-2 hours over 3 months (typically 2 sessions per month plus 3 3-way meetings).
Approximate price between £4,200 and £7,500 (dependent upon grade of coach/ seniority of the coachee).

Invest for the future

Investing in a new starter’s personal development at the start of employment sends out an incredibly powerful message. It ensures that their first experience of your organisation is a positive one and enables them to turn those early weeks of change and adjustment into a period of personal growth and measured progress. This will ultimately set them up for a highly productive and successful career with you.

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