Train to be a Coach

A full range of training options to help you develop executive coaching skills throughout your organisation

Considering training your own in house executive coaches?  Want to train to be a coach yourself?  We offer a full range of world class training options to help you develop executive coaching skills within your organisation.

Coaching concentrates on an organisation’s key assets, it’s people – both as individuals and as team members – and brings about profound changes in behaviour and performance at every level.

Developing leaders and managers to adopt a coaching style that is both challenging and enabling will help them to support their people to develop, communicate and collaborate; releasing each individual’s potential for innovation and thereby creating a more dynamic learning organisation.

Developing accredited internal professional coaches will create a cadre of people who can support the performance and development of individuals at all levels. They will also be able to drive coach development programmes and the introduction of a coaching culture.

Our programmes are designed to embed positive change and to facilitate behaviours that ensure your people deliver the desired results. Our coaches are specialists in coach training and they combine business experience with a deep understanding of how people are motivated, grow and change. As the UK’s leading provider of elite executive coaches, we guarantee you the highest professional standards.

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