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Executive Coaching Workshop

A 2-day introduction to executive coaching for corporate leaders and key managers

This 2-day executive coaching programme is designed to provide awareness and experience of coaching. Organisations who want to get the best out of their people choose this course to equip key management with core executive coaching skills. It is particularly appropriate for those in a position of leadership with little or no previous coaching experience. It can also be suitable for those who have been promoted on the basis of technical expertise or who have otherwise become used to advising and directing more than delegating and supporting.

Successful completion of this short course provides candidates with the key skills required to demonstrate a more facilitative style and to get the best out of their people through a balanced use of active support and constructive challenge.

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Is coaching for me?

What kind of coaching is right for me?

Do I have what it takes to be a great coach?

This programme is a gateway to our suite of coach development programmes.

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