Winning Hearts & Minds

Great leaders need exceptional coaches

Everyone needs a coach 

Great leaders need exceptional coaches. Our passion is to provide the perfect coach to stand by you on your path to excellence and fulfilment in both your professional and personal life.

CoachDirectors is a world-class executive coaching talent agency. We match the perfect executive coach to you, your team and your organisation – saving you time, effort and money inspiring the trust, cooperation and change you desire and the personal fulfillment you deserve.

Aligning the stars

Management is about dealing with complexity. Leadership is about dealing with change and setting direction. As the world becomes more competitive, more complex and more volatile, an organisation’s ability to embrace and leverage constant change is essential to survival. And more change demands more leadership.

Consider the military: In peacetime, an army can survive with good management throughout the hierarchy if it is combined with good leadership at the very top. By contrast, a wartime army needs competent leadership at all levels. No one yet has worked out how to manage people effectively into battle. They must be led.

Creating a culture of leadership with your key people aligned to your vision is therefore critical. Successfully achieving it means communicating, motivating and inspiring – keeping people moving in the right direction, despite obstacles, and appealing to basic but often untapped human needs, values and emotions.

Winning hearts and minds

Executive coaching can play a powerful role in successfully developing a leadership culture in your organisation by aligning your people intellectually, emotionally and on the very deepest existential levels.?

We are dedicated to supporting that process by providing you with easy, reliable access to the UK’s top executive coaching talent. By understanding the DNA of truly exceptional coaches and by actively nurturing those with just the right blend of robust psychological training and relevant business leadership experience, we help ensure you, your team and your organisation all realise your full leadership potential.

Uniquely, our executive coaches are chosen not only for having commercially successful ‘hearts and minds’ themselves, they must also have an unsurpassed, demonstrable ability to inspire lasting change in the ‘hearts and minds’ of others too.

Choosing the perfect coach

Not all coaches are great coaches. In fact, in the UK market there is an over-supply of very worthy, well meaning but, in our opinion, ‘incomplete’ coaches who don’t even come close to meeting our stringent selection criteria. Outstanding coaches are seriously hard to find. And finding the very best coach to match your own particular personal and professional circumstances is something we take very seriously indeed.

Our unique ‘talent agency’ approach, coupled with meticulous selection, matching and assessment, using our innovative ‘CoachGrade®’ scoring system, reliably ensures that each CoachDirectors coach is of guaranteed quality and perfectly meets your needs.