The only external executive coaching service we ever use.

Top reasons business leaders like you need executive coaching:

C-Suite executive performance is critical to enterprise success

Leadership can be lonely – leaders need support and motivation

Top talent needs challenge to maintain momentum

Incisive decision makers benefit from external validation

Brilliant minds need brilliant kindred spirits

Our Approach

We are pragmatic, consultative and results-oriented with an emphasis on delivering outstanding quality in everything we do.

Our executive coaching team draw upon an extensive range of personal experiences and methodologies to work directly with Europe’s top leadership talent, building the momentum required to fulfil business and personal aspirations. Our success comes through the personal development of individuals and teams, challenging them to operate at the very top of their game and realise their full potential.

Coaching the leaders of today, developing the leadership of the future

Success today depends upon the performance of C-Suite executives. Success tomorrow will be driven by those identified as the leaders of the future. We provide bespoke executive coaching solutions to suit all business critical situations – every executive coaching engagement is bespoke, we have no set process.

Taking executive performance to the next level & beyond

We work with progressive business leaders and ‘high potentials’ and we challenge them to 'step-up' to the task of fulfilling both their professional and personal aspirations.

Our Work

This is how we spend our working hours each week…

52 %
Executive Coaching

One-on-One development of key, mission critical leaders in our client organisations.

27 %
Company Coaching

Challenging progressive businesses to reach optimum levels of collaborative performance.

21 %
Inspiring & Training

Conducting world class skills training workshops, moderating and facilitating meetings, seminars and events.

100 %
Delivering Success

The highest possible client satisfaction levels delivering mutually agreed results.

This is what our collective coaching experience amounts to…

42 Coaches
575 C-Suite Years
446 Coaching Years
90058 Coaching Hours

The FACTS about our executive coaching services


The coaching market has grown dramatically in recent years with executive coaching, in particular, becoming hugely popular within the business environment. It offers individuals, teams and whole organisations the promise of accelerated professional development and enhanced performance. Successful coaching programmes usually have all four of the following characteristics:

  • clarity of business needs and objectives 
  • rigorous selection of high quality coaches matched to each situation 
  • specific, measurable goals for each individual assignment
  • commitment to the coaching process by the person being coached

Although some smart companies have developed sophisticated systems and processes to ensure best practice is followed, there are many others struggling to achieve effective, high quality coaching initiatives that don't involve a huge commercial leap of faith. Busy work schedules, lack of resources, competing priorities, confusion about what constitutes best practice (sometimes exacerbated by spurious claims and misinformation circulated by coaches themselves), can all conspire to render many a well-intentioned coaching programme significantly less effective than it could be.

As the coaching market matures, the drive to professionalise, to become more commercially relevant and possibly to become more regulated, should help to raise awareness, boost standards and improve outcomes.  As one of the UK's leading specialist providers of coaching to businesses, our mission is to challenge the status quo, to 'raise the bar' and to shape a better future for all business people everywhere - to the benefit of the world around us.  


A premium service designed to support you, the busy buyer of executive coaching services, in your efforts to reliably obtain maximum benefit from all your coaching programmes.

There is no shortage of coaches in the market but we believe there is a real shortage of good coaches. We take the guesswork out of finding the most effective coach for each and every business situation.

This service includes: 

  • Making sure each assignment is aligned with the commercial imperatives of your business & focused upon real outcomes
  • Taking away the pain and uncertainty of interviewing, assessing and selecting executive coaches
  • Grading and benchmarking high quality coaches on their effectiveness, not just their qualifications
  • Bringing scientific rigour and consistency to the process of matching executive coaches
  • Delivering structure, process and robust goal evaluation to each and every assignment

All CD coaches have demonstrated considerable success in a commercial role BEFORE training as a coach. We focus on assessing, selecting and developing the UK's most effective business coaches, balancing commercial acumen with world-class coaching credentials.


This service is aimed at:

  • Mainly enlightened HR professionals and business leaders in large corporations, 
  • Some progressive owner managers and business leaders in SMEs,
  • The occasional founder/entrepreneur in new startups


Our coaches are based around the UK and we can cover most areas from Lands End to John O'Groats.  There is a heavy bias towards London and the South-East due to the higher concentration of demand.  We tend to focus on UK assignments but international coaching can be undertaken by video conferencing and, where economically viable, by commuting from our London, UK base.


Mon-Fri 09.00hrs - 17.30hrs, 52 weeks of the year, subject to availability.  Contact us now to schedule an brief exploratory chat to see if there is a good fit between us.


Engaging us to deliver an executive coaching assignment would typically include the following process:

  • A meeting to establish the business case and goals for coaching  
  • No-obligation meetings between the person being coached & our matched selection of recommended coaches
  • Setting up and managing the coaching assignment
  • Review meetings with the selected coach before, during and after each assignment
  • Optional advice, support, provision, implementation &/or review of psychometric tools &/or 360 feedback
  • Advice and support to review and evaluate effectiveness
  • The assignment - typically 6 sessions over a period of 6 months


Delivering Business Momentum On An Enterprise Scale

For progressive business owners & senior leadership teams who want to build business momentum: We work ‘company-wide’ with organisations of all shapes and sizes and challenge them to 'step-up' and realise the full potential of their business.

Mastering Leadership Skills & Inspiring Top Team Performance

For smart business people who want to master new skills: From motivational speakers through seminars and workshops to structured team events, we help them to finesse their leadership skills and inspire world-class team performance.